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Poster Frames Usages

Have you heard much about poster frames? Perhaps "not so much." Let's discuss why. The history of posters is quite interesting and perhaps that may explain the frequency of poster frames.

Originally, like a very long time ago when posters were 'invented' they did not have frames. That is because posters were posted. These were pages that were posted up for a short period of time. When these had served the purpose for which they were intended they were removed.

The purpose of posters was to grab someone's attention. If poster frames adds to the ability of the poster to draw attention then it is used, depending on the environment.

When poster frames were originally used it began because the intent of the poster was evolving. It was becoming more than just an important message for a short period of time. Poster frames are used when the poster is intended for a more permanent time frame.

Some organizations use poster frames when the message or poster is intended for the duration of specific marketing campaigns or for an ongoing need. Most poster frames are a thin plastic material, which supports and protects the poster from damage. The important thing about poster frames is that they do not in any way distract from the poster. That is why the poster frames tend to be thin and simple. The focus needs to be on the poster and the intended message. There are no hard and fast rules for poster frames and some organizations have specific needs and vary the frames to suit their industry.

Poster frames are used to frame posters of such things as memorabilia and in that sense these become almost an item of art. The interesting thing about this aspect of posters is that while these are an art form these also have the intent of posters. That is these are intended to draw attention to the content of the poster. The memorabilia posters are still intended to give a message. Therefore there is still a strong need to not draw attention away from the actual content.

Some uses of poster frames is for old movie and record posters, or memorabilia or the historical posters themselves. Movie theaters are a good example of this. The current movies are presented in large posters along the walls near the entrance, which are framed in a simple yet sturdy protective frame. Some movie theaters also have saved the older posters and have sections for older memorabilia. Interestingly many movie theater employees, especially the long-term employees are poster collectors. The movie theaters usually toss the movie posters once the movie has ended the campaign.

In the corporate world there are many posters that are framed for the purpose of saving memorabilia of special occasions like inaugurals and anniversaries. Many of the event posters that are saved are not saved with the poster frames. Posters are much easier to store without the rigid frames.

Poster frames are also used for posters that are required by law. Many employers are required to post the Equal Employment Opportunities rules and regulations. These are typically posted in poster frames because these are ongoing posters. Generally the Office of Equal Employment Opportunities updates these every few years. It is the duty of the employer to be sure these are posted to maintain their status as an Equal Opportunity Employer. The type of poster frames are left up to the employer and even if there is one used at all.

Some corporations will actually post their policies, visions and mission statements of the organization. These are typically printed on poster size paper and poster frames are added to give durable quality to the item. Also this gives a sense of value and permanence to the document. These types of documents are considered living documents, which are revised periodically, sometimes annually however, once these are posted and placed under poster frames these, become 'permanent' documents on display.

Durable poster frames gives a prominence to the documents and value. When posters are framed it gives them prominence and value. It says to everyone that these are important documents that are here to stay. It gives permanence and stability to the statements contained within the poster. There is a real value in poster frames.

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poster is intended the poster frames draw attention
movie theaters